Luxurious Radiator Design Cloud is based on a semicircular aluminum profile that combines easily and gives a "fluffy" look - like clouds in the sky. The radiators are modern and elegant, and with a wide range of color combinations and finishes they have a very luxurious look. Of particular note is the brushed steel finish - or structural metallic paint that creates a gentle and touching structure on the surface of the radiator. Cloud can be fitted with chrome brass handles. This makes the radiator a luxury bathroom radiator, which will be the dominant feature of the bathroom.

A wide range of dimensions allows you to install the radiator both horizontally and vertically, which confirms that Cloud is a modern radiator that will satisfy even the most demanding customer. Luxury Cloud radiators have a low volume of water and are therefore suitable for floor and low temperature heating systems. Luxury Cloud Design Radiators have a long service life and provide a quick warm up.


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